Jenkins Is The Problem (If, Never part 2)

This week’s story is a sort-of sequel to last week’s story – If, Never. You might want to read that first… Francesca arrives at the office at half past seven. She is, if anything, slightly later than usual; as if she needed a traffic jam, today of all days. She opens the door to the […]

If, Never

I caught the bus at quarter to seven, as I normally do. It’s the usual grey route to work. Grey tower blocks, grey concrete walls, grey gardens, grey weather. And then we get to the first stop, and on she gets. I think her name is Jennifer: that is, I hope it is. She’s tall, […]


CARDS The noise of the club made it difficult to hear. Johnny tapped Rex on the shoulder, and shouted in his ear. “You got everything?” Rex took off his glasses, checked the plastic film on the back of the lenses, pointed to them, then replaced them on his face, and nodded. “You seem nervous,” Rex […]


Bernice sprinted out of the glass doors and pounded across the parking lot. She allowed herself the luxury of a glance at the glass-walled walkway between the two halves of the shopping mall, nodded, and started off again, running towards the crossing. Officer Bostaph came out a few seconds later, following her trail carefully. As […]