Behind The Scenes – Doctor Fog

This was a hard one to write. It’s actually the third attempt I’ve made to write it over the last twenty years when I first came up with the idea. The idea that appearances can be deceptive is always a fascinating one for me, and the notion that there really is a monster in the […]

Doctor Fog

DOCTOR FOG WARNING: the following story contains subjects that some readers may find distressing. “Do you remember, Kenneth?” they would ask. Therapists, police. “Do you remember what happened that night?” I remember. I was six. Six years old. How, at six years old, do you say that you remember so clearly – as clearly as […]

Behind The Scenes: Cards

For this one, I asked my other half to give me a key word beginning with C, and she chose “crime”. So that was the title of this story up until the very last minute. I basically started writing this one and came up with the idea of them exposing a cheat by using exactly […]


CARDS The noise of the club made it difficult to hear. Johnny tapped Rex on the shoulder, and shouted in his ear. “You got everything?” Rex took off his glasses, checked the plastic film on the back of the lenses, pointed to them, then replaced them on his face, and nodded. “You seem nervous,” Rex […]


Bernice sprinted out of the glass doors and pounded across the parking lot. She allowed herself the luxury of a glance at the glass-walled walkway between the two halves of the shopping mall, nodded, and started off again, running towards the crossing. Officer Bostaph came out a few seconds later, following her trail carefully. As […]

Behind The Scenes: Another Stack

OK, so this is basically going to be a post about how I wrote “Another Stack”. I’m not sure really why I’m doing this, or whether I’ll even do another one, but I thought someone might be interested in the writing process, so here goes… Having set myself the challenge of writing a short story […]

Another Stack

So here’s the first in my year of short stories. It’s not as polished as I’d like, but I’ve set myself Saturday as a deadline, and so I had to do it. Here goes. Be gentle with me 🙂 ANOTHER STACK I’m going to call him Doctor X. Not for any legal reasons, or because […]

Year of Short Stories

New Year’s Resolutions are a wonderful thing, aren’t they? “Let’s lose weight”, is how it starts. Then it’s “we’ll go to the gym every day, save 20% of every pay cheque in a high interest account and learn to play the flute.” Then around halfway through New Year’s Day, reality sets in and you end […]