Where does “Minions” fit in the Gruniverse?

I have some thoughts about the movie “Minions”. Be afraid. Be Very Afraid. I recently re-watched the film “Minions“. And as much as I enjoyed it – some things bug me about it. In fact, it contradicts the earlier films, and not just in a small way, but in a few big ways. And that’s […]

Don’t Care

Just been through the spam pile. I like to do that manually from time to time, just for fun. “Quit your job today and earn less than you do now writing nonsense for us” – don’t care. “Your SEO isn’t very good. Buy expensive thing from us and you will get lost of traffic” – […]

A fly

I’ve been a bit quiet of late on this blog – for reasons that I’ll go into at a later date – but I wanted to just share a little incident that happened today. I work from home now, which means that I have my own little office upstairs. It appears to be a room […]

A letter to Foursquare

I’ve been a dedicated user of Foursquare for years. If you follow my Twitter, you’ll have suffered my tweets on it for long enough to know that and (presumably) not hate it enough to block me (probably). Anyway, Foursquare recently reinvented themselves as two apps, instead of one. The new one’s called Swarm. Lots of […]

First thoughts on iOS 7

Just updated my iPhone 5 to iOS 7 and here’s my first impressions… It’s ugly. Very, very ugly. Cellular/mobile data support is still poor My wifi is limited, my mobile data isn’t. And yet you still force me to upload/download big files on my limited wifi connection, while ignoring my unlimited 3G (which also has […]

Microsoft just bought Nokia phones

Microsoft just annouced it’s going to buy Nokia’s handset business. There’s some interesting things to note… It’s cheaper than Skype About a billion dollars cheaper. Does that mean Nokia was a bargain – or Skype was a bad buy? Either way, I think there’s scope for lawsuits here – either from Microsoft shareholders against Ballmer […]

Can you use Facebook as an HR tool?

I was recently having a discussion around the use of Facebook as a tool for recruiting staff. “What a good thing it is,” they said “our friend recently avoided hiring someone who was boasting about stealing cars.” Er, no. They probably didn’t. Ok, so half the UK population use Facebook. So given that it’s more […]

June link roundup

Just a few random links I’ve posted on Twitter during the month. They bear repeating though. The Hero’s Journey, Puppet-Style is a good explanation of the “Hero’s Journey” plot hypothesis, and how it relates to many, many well known novels and films. Extremely well done, and slightly sweary. Seth Godin pretty much nails how to […]

6 things I want from iOS 7

iOS 7 appears to be basically a graphical reboot of the familiar iPhone operating system. Ironically, I’d argue that a redesign is something it doesn’t need – especially what is apparently a marketing-led redesign, as much as anything. No, what I’d like to see are a few features that iron out some of the nasty […]