The March Society

I’m writing this at Graham’s request, although not necessarily just for his consumption. Unlike him, I’m not a journalist so I don’t really know how this should work. After all, I only worked in the copy department. Graham started as the music critic some ten years ago, when I was working there in the IT […]

Behind The Scenes: Leo’s Last Show

The clichéd question that every writer gets asked is “where do you get your ideas from?” Well, I’m not sure, but for the last few weeks the ideas haven’t really been flowing freely. In fact, this was the third attempt to write this story. I started off thinking I’d bring back Mr Munro of the […]

Leo’s Last Show

The old man scratched at his beard as he walked. He looked through the bars of the cage, past the old lion, watching the sun going down on the horizon. “Hey there, Leo old lad,” he said, softly. He billed himself as the gipsy lion tamer, of vaguely eastern European extraction, from a town no […]

Behind The Scenes: The Killer, Unmasked

When I first wrote If, Never three weeks ago, I didn’t think it would have a sequel. Even in my wildest dreams did I think it would turn into a trilogy (and some of those dreams and pretty funky, thank you for asking.) The initial premise of the first story was expanded on, and I […]

The Killer, Unmasked (If, Never part 3)

This is the third part in a trilogy. If you haven’t read them yet, then I recommend reading “If, Never” and “Jenkins Is The Problem” first… “What’s this?” Eric asked, looking through the recent photos. Lusha looked away from her canvas and back at the screen. “Hmm?” she pondered. “Looks like the building over the […]

Behind The Scenes: Jenkins Is The Problem

Having written last week’s story “If, Never”, I started reading it through for the final proof, and wondered not only why Jenkins was murdered, but how. And so the idea of writing the story again, this time from the view of the murderer, started to take shape in my head. It was actually easier to […]

Jenkins Is The Problem (If, Never part 2)

This week’s story is a sort-of sequel to last week’s story – If, Never. You might want to read that first… Francesca arrives at the office at half past seven. She is, if anything, slightly later than usual; as if she needed a traffic jam, today of all days. She opens the door to the […]

Behind The Scenes: If, Never

Sorry I’m a little late with this one – things got in the way, as things tend to do… I came up with the title first. I began writing, and came up with the idea of the main character being a fantasist straight away. I remembered “Billy Liar” about halfway through. I actually did do […]

If, Never

I caught the bus at quarter to seven, as I normally do. It’s the usual grey route to work. Grey tower blocks, grey concrete walls, grey gardens, grey weather. And then we get to the first stop, and on she gets. I think her name is Jennifer: that is, I hope it is. She’s tall, […]