Comment your code, people

Ars Technica recently posted an article taken from Stack Exchange about comments in code. It’s a thorny subject with programmers. “Why should I comment my code – I know what it does?”. Sure, you do. But what happens if I need to come and work on your code – in a hurry? I’m speaking from […]

Windows 8 sales so far – good, great or disaster?

Ars Technica makes a pretty good case that the sales of Windows 8 are pretty good so far. On a par with Windows 7, in fact – the Wall Street Journal estimated 40 million copies were sold in that first month for Windows 7 too. So everything looks peachy, right? Not from where I’m sitting. […]

Firefox 16.

Simon’s quick, capsule review*: annoying. The new address bar highlighting is intrusive. So much so, I’ve finally turned the address bar suggestions off (as well as the search suggestions). Bold text was OK, but the unpleasant looking grey highlighting has become annoying very quickly. Sadly, I can’t find a way to turn it off. At […]

Why I really (don’t) want an Apple TV…

I’ve been looking at the Apple TV for a long while now, and I keep thinking that I both want one, and I don’t. Let me explain… First off, the one I really like the idea of is the Apple TV V1. It can contain movies, be synced from iTunes, and contains a hard drive. […]

Apple’s pyrrhic victory against Samsung

The results are in, and it’s a massive win for Apple against Samsung. At least, for now. First off, there will be appeals, of course – there always are. It’s highly unlikely Apple will see the full damages – and they’ve annoyed a major supplier into the bargain. But before Apple fans get too excited, […]

What does “&amp” mean?

Tonight, Suzanne Moore asked on Twitter what “&amp” means. Any technological readers of this “blog” (and I use the term quite wrongly) will already know, but if you don’t, here’s a short explanation… Web browsers display their pages using a language called HyperText Markup Language. That’s a lot to say each time, so everyone I […]

iOS is for tablets, Android is for phones

Here’s a thought I’ve been thinking for a few days. Like many of the rest of the Google fanboi sheeples, I laid down a goodly sum of cash for a Nexus 7 the moment it came out. What’s to like? Well, first off, the screen is nice. Really nice. Better than the iPad 2 – […]

All Surface, No Feeling?

Microsoft just took a huge gamble. A mega big one. And I’m not sure if they’ve already lost. Let me start with the background. A few months ago, they announced Microsoft Surface, a shiny Lumia blue tablet thing (apparently it’s hit production problems already – who’dathunkit?) Today, they announced that Windows on ARM – you […]

The Second System Effect

Have you ever got to the end of something and thought “you know, if I did that over again, I would do this – and that – and the other differently”? That, dear reader, is the second system effect. And it is, in my opinion, exactly what RIM are suffering from right now, what Apple […]