“Yes, I’ll come in a minute,” Dominic said. He didn’t mind working from home, really. Not even on days when Rita wasn’t working. He didn’t really even mind looking after the baby. But it did interfere with work, sometimes. He continued typing – “the uplift in profits that can reasonably be expected from this management […]


Christine almost snapped the key in the door, her white knuckles clasped tightly round the keyring. “Vengeance is mine,” she whispered to the empty hall. “Saith me.” She picked up the two carrier bags and kicked the front door closed behind her. She went to the kitchen and picked up the wine glass she had […]

Youthful Indiscretion

“You want beer?” “Yep.” “Me too.” “Three then.” Tom rooted around in the refrigerator, and came back from the kitchen. He handed cans to Jacob and Nate, then sat down on the sofa. “Here.” Nate passed over the joint and Tom took a long drag. “You know what we should do?” Tom tapped Jacob on […]

Behind The Scenes: Killing Christmas

This is the “Behind The Scenes” post for the story “Killing Christmas“. Please read the story first if you want to avoid spoilers… I’ve had the idea of this one for ages – years, in fact. It originally came to me while living alone in a flat some years ago, and wondering what would happen […]

Killing Christmas

The soft lilt of the church bells in the distance provided my usual Sunday morning wake up call. I got out of bed, brushed my teeth, dressed slowly, made myself hot chocolate and sat in my chair in the window, looking at the frost outside. “It’s cold today, isn’t it?” she asked. I nodded. I […]

Behind The Scenes: Reunion, Chum and Disappeared

So, the experiment of adding these “Behind The Scenes” posts to the end of the stories is over. (Ab)normal service has been resumed. Sorry about that, but the problem was that I just didn’t seem to want to write them at the time that perhaps I should. So, let’s start with Reunion. You know what […]


Have you ever wanted anything so badly that it hurts? I don’t mean like when you were nine and the Care Bears were on sale and your parents wouldn’t buy you one for Christmas and you felt your life was over, I mean actual gut-wrenching sad; the kind of thing you cry every night for […]