This is the “Behind The Scenes” post for the story “Poppy And Zara. Please read the original story first if you want to avoid spoilers.

This story flowed. It’s nice when that happens, and it doesn’t happen all that often. I started with it, and every sentence seemed right, it seemed to be making the story flow in a way that I liked. I had a few set scenes in my head – getting turned round on the motorway, for example – and I wanted to get those in, stations along the road. I also wanted to show the main character getting more and more hardened to reality, less willing to help, more accepting that there’s really nothing that he can do.

I also didn’t want to use the name “Poppy”, but to use “Penny” instead. And I typed “Penny” as the title, and then promptly forget and used “Poppy” instead. I didn’t even notice that until I came to write this and saw “Penny and Zara” typed at the top of the original draft. Oh well, such is life, I suppose.


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