This is the “Behind The Scenes” post for “Just The Ticket“. Please read the original story first if you want to avoid spoilers…

This one started as a nice idea, a little twist, a gimmick. I thought it would be quite easy to write. But it wasn’t. It was actually really quite hard,and I’m not sure I like the result very much. The reason I say that is that there really isn’t enough “stuff” that he does to make his life a bit more interesting. I just didn’t have time to come up with it. My fault for leaving everything to the last minute – again.

I notice I’ve written a lot of people who are unhappy with their jobs and want to quit. While you might think that’s me and my day job, it’s really not: if I were to be writing about my own experience, I’d be writing about someone totally different – most of these I’m basing on news reports and imagination. If you’re wondering my response to my own job, you only have to look at Munro Elkwood, the dealer in potentially fatal antiques who seems to positively relish the timebomb that is almost every other item in his shop. Although, to be fair, I’m usually much less murdery. (Libre Office informs me that “murdery” isn’t a word. But then it also tells me that “libre” isn’t a word either, so I’m not sure that I trust a spell checker that doesn’t know how to spell its own name.)

I also seem to have written a few bits and pieces about people winning or not winning the lottery. It’s an interesting thought, and I always enjoy the “if I won the lottery what would I do with it” game, where everyone seems to be far more altruistic than they actually are; I suppose you only get to find out if that sort of thing actually happens to you, and the fact that I’ve totally stopped playing it suggests to me that it’s unlikely I’ll be winning it any time soon.

See you tomorrow for another story…


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