I wasn’t well last week, and I really didn’t manage to get a lot done on Wednesday other than running a high fever and feeling sorry for myself. So this is a kind of “roundup” of the two. Click the links to read the original stories, if you haven’t already.

Your Death, Foretold

I wanted to write something here that was a bit different from normal, and I came up with the idea quite late on in the week. Again, this was something inspired more by the title than by anything else. The idea of having someone reading more into the prediction than they otherwise would do, and thereby making it a self-fulfilling one, was interesting. As for where the prediction came from, I deliberately left that question up to the reader.

The fair, incidentally, is based on Hull Fair, which is (or at least was, when I went to it) the largest travelling fair in Europe. You should go, if you can.

Zero Nine

I’m afraid this one was a bit of a cheat, in some ways. Not in the story itself, but in the way in which the letter got used.

I like the idea of secrets being revealed in stories, shifting the way in which people think of things. I was severely hampered in this one by the fact that I was still feeling utterly awful, and it took an excessively long time to write as I couldn’t sit at my desk for very long before feeling bad again, so I’ll probably take another pass at it when I come to compile these latest thirteen for publication.

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