I’ve wanted to bring back Munro ever since the story “Elkwood”. (I also want to take the story Elkwood and rewrite it a bit, but that’s another story.) I had the name first and then wondered what would be special about this ring, and what it would do.

Of course, it was evil, naturally. I wrote the thing in one hit, printed it for editing and my other half pointed out that there was a couple of problems. I fixed those, but she was still left wondering why he was OK in one scene and paralysed in the next. I thought that was obvious: he wished for money, the ring decided the only way to arrange that was compensation, and the only way to organise that was to cripple him. Hmm. So much for subtlety.

That said, it all turned out quite well, I think. The character of Eddie is not a pleasant person, but Sutton and his crew weren’t kidding around, and it’s likely Eddie might have got off quite lightly, even with the involvement of the ring in the first place.

I may re-introduce our Munro again, but if I do, expect him under a different name – next time Munro will be his first name, not his last. The name “Elkwood” is just too good to waste…

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