Spoiler alert: read the story “Elkwood” first, if you haven’t already

This one would probably work quite well as a radio play, to be honest. I was aiming for something more Victorian gothic horror, and I think I almost got there in one or two places.

Elkwood was the name I originally came up with, and I didn’t really realise where it fitted or whose it was. And then I finally realised it was the old man’s name. I didn’t use it more than once though, because I was using the name “Munro” so much. Perhaps that was a mistake, perhaps not – I’m not entirely sure.

The shopkeeper was originally called “Munro”. If you want a model for him, watch the film “Northfork” – Cup of Tea was predominantly in my brain for him. The assistant, Jacob, looked a bit more like David Guetta in my head, if I’m being honest.

I wrote this one in a hurry, knowing I was going away. It was quite hard to get right because of time deadlines, especially as I had to fix this computer before I could write it. Fortunately, Ubuntu reinstalled flawlessly and my home directory was intact, leaving everything exactly where I’d left it, which was a relief.

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