Behind The Scenes: How The Moon Sings

The themes of the story, of loss, and death, and love, are universal ones. The genesis of the story really lies with our own cats and dogs, each one of them unique and special personalities. I still miss dogs I haven’t seen for years. I still miss people I haven’t seen or spoken to for […]

How The Moon Sings

“You’re late.” “I’m sorry,” Helena says. “The Metro…” “Bien. Come in.” Helena didn’t admit to standing outside the house, nerves jangling, pacing up and down, trying to summon the courage to press on the bell. She looks around the house. It’s clean, well-kept, neutral colours, open spaces. This is the expensive side of Paris, far […]

Behind The Scenes – Grimgreen

Grimgreen actually started around the 7th January. Alyssa Evetts – an author in her own right who also has a regular feature interviewing authors (which is always interesting in itself) – posted a quote: The fact that the real world could have involved dragons, unicorns, magic, time travel and insane adventures but instead has things […]


“Now,” said a voice behind Pluve, “I’m not saying double entry bookkeeping is just writing it down twice. I mean, y’know, it is, in a way, but…” The gnome took his change and picked up the tray. “Excuse me,” he said, trying to elbow past the centaur, carefully holding the tray in both hands. “Sorry, […]

Behind The Scenes – Florence

Spoiler Alert: read Florence first, if you haven’t already… This one was quite fun to write, although I suspect it might not be quite as much fun to read as I had writing it. I actually wrote the first draft straight after writing Doctor Fog, knowing that I was going to be away and wanting […]


At the age of seventy-three, Florence felt she understood death. She didn’t really know very much about it, but she had heard the word. She had lost people. So she had some memory of it, some vague notion of yearning for souls lost. There was no sunlight in this barn. No clear road. She felt […]

Behind The Scenes – Elkwood

Spoiler alert: read the story “Elkwood” first, if you haven’t already This one would probably work quite well as a radio play, to be honest. I was aiming for something more Victorian gothic horror, and I think I almost got there in one or two places. Elkwood was the name I originally came up with, […]


“What the hell are you doing?” “I’m sorry Mr Munro,” Jacob said. “I was just taking a little look at -” Munro grabbed the book from him and slammed it closed, putting it back on the shelf. He turned back to Jacob, his expression a hard-to-read mix of anger, scorn and perhaps even fear. “I’m […]