The search is starting to get difficult.

Not because I’m running out of British detective series, quite the reverse: there’s too many of them and I don’t have a mountain of available time.

So far, I’ve only had to research one or two – Dixon Of Dock Green I watched some online, whereas The Sweeney I remembered a lot but still had to look it up. Some, on the other hand, I’ve seen most of the episodes (Lovejoy, Bergerac), some I’ve seen them all (Morse, The Racing Game), and some I’ve seen all the episodes more than once (Randall and Hopkirk).

But now I’m into that hinterland and having to pick something on reputation, research it and then write about it. This starting to feel like a full-time job, and I’ve already got one of those.

So I’m going to be continuing the series, for the foreseeable. There’s still plenty of detectives to go, and some “big hitters” left (that is, ones I think could go into the lead in the chart).

Now, one last order of business. Usually, I leave a clue in the last paragraph as to what the next post will be. Since I didn’t really know what it will be, I didn’t. So now that I know, I will give you “a clue so large that nobody believed I had found it”:

I know… I’m mean, right?

2 thoughts on “In Search Of The British Columbo: Intermission

  • steve

    Got me stumped there. Have to think about this, a detective named Pike? or Alice? Doesn’t seem right, could it be connected to ‘Where art Thou’? That leads to Brother so I am going to guess Cadfael.
    Don’t think, for one moment, that is the right answer so I will ponder further.

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