In Search Of The British Columbo (2): The Sweeney

Right, let’s start with a trivia question: what was the first British film to be legally shown in communist China? If, having read the title of this post, you said “The Sweeney”, you would be wrong. Mainly because, for some weird reason, they decided to title the spin-off movie “Sweeney!”. I know, weird, right? Still, […]

In Search Of The British Columbo (1): Bergerac

“Little Voice” was on last night (if you’re in the UK, you can watch it on iPlayer for about a week). I mention this simply because the wonderful Annette Badland is in it. She’s never really been a star, never a household name, but she is one of those supporting cast players of whom I […]

In search of the British Columbo

An interesting question on Twitter the other day got me thinking. Would I agree that Jack Frost is the British Columbo? Well, maybe, but then again, there are a few dissimilarities too. But what is it that makes Columbo so good in the first place?