I am addicted to Despicable Me: Minion Rush. Not because it’s a movie tie in – DM is not one of my favourite movies of all time; it’s OK, but I lent out my DVD over a year ago, never chased up getting it back and now can’t even remember who borrowed it, and that doesn’t bother me.

No, what is addictive is the additive nature of the game.

If you haven’t played, in brief, it’s a standard collect-’em-up game. You collect bananas which are (generally) the main currency, and you can use them to upgrade power ups, buy new costumes (all of which come with different powers) or buy a turn in the “minion launcher”, which can hurl you up to 2,000m into the game. (That’s significant – one of the challenges is to beat your previous record).

Challenges? Let me explain… Gru, Dr Nefario and the girls all give you an individual challenge – perform x number of despicable actions, revive a few times, or ride the fluffy unicorn x number of times (a mini game in itself that increases your banana count substantially). Complete a challenge and you get a fraction closer to a new multiplier.

You start with x1 score. Despicable actions increase that within the single game. Competing challenges, however, increases it permanently. And that gives you bragging rights if you log in to Facebook, as you can see a ranking grid of your friends. Mine’s up to x16 – at the moment.

So here’s the rules I use when playing:

  • Don’t buy anything unless Dr Nefario tells you to spend bananas.
    This sounds weird, but basically otherwise there’s no other way to complete that challenge without spending real money.
  • Use the gift codes. And keep hold of what they give you – not only can you only use them once, but Gru will ask you to use those multipliers in missions.
  • Get your free money in the shop daily. There’s only so much available in the shop every day, and you’ll need it sooner or later.
  • Read the missions before you start. I frequently don’t, then don’t know what I’m supposed to be aiming for. If it requires power ups, I’ll avoid bananas to pick them up. If it requires me avoiding things, I’ll avoid them. Whatever it takes, I try and complete one mission every day if I can.
    • Got any more tips you want to share?

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