A while ago I did a post of news about Microsoft. I’ve been collecting things that catch my eye ever since, and they do worry me about my career as a Microsoft developer. Like many developers in the Microsoft ecosystem, I need Microsoft to be strong and take the fight to the opposition. Unfortunately, right now, that ain’t happening. Here’s more news. For me, it’s grim reading.

  1. Apple’s iPad Mini makes up 60% of iOS sales – and next year iOS is predicted to outsell ALL versions of Windows
  2. Intel are recommending PC manufacturers make Android laptops – that’s right. Not Windows ones.
  3. Microsoft’s stock slides after dismal PC shipment reports
  4. Windows 8 blamed as PC sales slide 20%
  5. while Apple keeps on growing
  6. Goldman rates Microsoft’s stock as a sell
  7. Netflix drops Silverlight – although to be fair, Silverlight has been moribund for ages
  8. Microsoft now supports Linux on its cloud services – another Rubicon crossed
  9. Apple makes 5 times more profit than the 5 biggest Windows PC makers combined
  10. Even Microsoft’s chum Intel is suffering as profits drop 25 percent
  11. Google predicts there will be 1,000,000,000 Android phones out there by the end of the year
  12. Popular (with shareholders) CFO Peter Klein left after the Q3 results (why? what does he know that we don’t?)
  13. while Google’s revenues are up a massive 31%
  14. Apple’s lead in tablet usage stakes is brutal
  15. Microsoft is bringing back the Start button – an unexpected (if welcome) u-turn
  16. After good numbers for Q3, they’re bracing themselves for bad news from Windows
  17. although those good numbers are a bit of smoke and mirrors
  18. Another one bites the dust: IBM’s trying to sell its x86 server business – and that’s a good move, according to IBM resellers
  19. Analysts say Windows on ARM is as good as dead – leaving Microsoft’s only hope as Intel
  20. Blackberry sales are resurgent
  21. Microsoft won’t be buying Nokia
  22. while Huawei could well be (and they’d probably ditch Windows Phone if they did)
  23. IDC says Windows 8 has put the world’s PC market to sleep
  24. There’s STILL no Instagram for Windows Phone
  25. Microsoft whistleblower suggests Windows losing to Linux
  26. Yes another one bites the dust as Samsung leaves the PC biz

I haven’t even listed half the articles I’ve collected since last time. I haven’t mentioned the Xbox One DRM fiasco either. Or how EU governments are banning US based cloud services over PRISM.

It’s getting worse.

Where did I put that book on iOS development? Time to fire up my copy of XCode…

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