June link roundup

Just a few random links I’ve posted on Twitter during the month. They bear repeating though. The Hero’s Journey, Puppet-Style is a good explanation of the “Hero’s Journey” plot hypothesis, and how it relates to many, many well known novels and films. Extremely well done, and slightly sweary. Seth Godin pretty much nails how to […]

6 things I want from iOS 7

iOS 7 appears to be basically a graphical reboot of the familiar iPhone operating system. Ironically, I’d argue that a redesign is something it doesn’t need – especially what is apparently a marketing-led redesign, as much as anything. No, what I’d like to see are a few features that iron out some of the nasty […]

Microsoft news roundup

A while ago I did a post of news about Microsoft. I’ve been collecting things that catch my eye ever since, and they do worry me about my career as a Microsoft developer. Like many developers in the Microsoft ecosystem, I need Microsoft to be strong and take the fight to the opposition. Unfortunately, right […]

If at first you don’t succeed…

…get a bigger hammer. I saw this a lot, and while it’s an amusing saying, really it’s about trying something new, trying something different, not accepting the status quo. Persistence, practice and perseverance pays off – in the end. (Alliteration always allows artful aphorisms too, don’t you find?) If you try and write a play […]

Rash purchases…

We all have that one thing we bought “by mistake”. The jacket that was too nice not to buy that doesn’t quite fit, the pair of shoes that pinch but are soooo nice… You know the question “where does all the money go”? That, among other things. That’s why I’m trying to start thinking about […]

New projects…

It’s always interesting to have new projects to work on. Currently I’m looking at one big one: it feels like sitting at base camp, looking into the cloudy sky at the snowy summit of Everest. It’s a challenge. But one I’m ready for. Oh am I ever ready for this one. You can treat life […]


What’s the secret to good comedy? Timing. It’s probably also the secret to good blogging. Anyway, I’m experimenting with scheduling posts. 2am didn’t seem to be working so well (I picked it as the time my Twitter feed seemed to get the most active, but apparently that’s not the best time), so I’m aiming for […]

Knowing yourself…

Knowing how your mind works is key to motivating yourself. For example, I need clear deadlines and new challenges, so I work as a temporary worker. It keeps me motivated – I don’t feel trapped going to the same job day after day, and because of this I feel the need to deliver, and enjoy […]

Music is magic

Somehow I’m reminded of a quote from the film of the 1970 Isle Of Wight festival. One of the stage hands says @music is magic, and we’re here to worship our new plastic gods.” In the end, we treat all gods as plastic – or elastic, rather. We interpret things to seem what we want […]

Lesson for the day…

Don’t leave WordPress running for 24 hours with a post half written. When you finish it, WordPress will complain and… the post is gone! My own fault for breaking my self-imposed daily post regime. Onwards…